Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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My Chunky Monkey sleeping. He looks just like Bella Grace when he's asleep.
The newest additon to our family, Peyton Anthony
Well it's obvious i haven't been on here in a looong time, i barely get to eat most days. I had my little boy on August 11th and he's just so precious. Bella Grace loves her little brother so much. She's very motherly towards him and is always trying to help me with him. Having two kids under the age of two is ALOT of work, as some of you would know, but it's worth it. We're looking forward to halloween and especially Christmas this year. Holidays around our house are always a big deal and i can't wait for it. We all had a great summer . We went to Panama City Beach and Bella Grace LOVED the ocean and sand, i was 8 months pregnant at the time so i was pretty much miserable but it was still fun.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I'm so glad that it's once again Christmas time, this is my absolute favorite time of the year, i could honestly celebrate it year round. This year is going to be even more special because my Isabella is here having her first Christmas, i'm having a blast buying her toys that she probally won't even play with...i know she'll be more interested in the paper and boxes that the gift came in, but that's ok, as long as she's happy. We had Christmas pictures taken last week, i'm very please with them. Although i went and had my hair cut a few days before and it was WAY shorter than i ever wanted it to be, but i'm getting used to it. Bella Grace did wonderful with her pictures though..she's a little clown and so that made it fun.

Friday, November 2, 2007

my dear friend shannon

well my dear friend ( carmon's husband ) was on t.v. tonight. i recorded it so my husband , Tony , could watch it also when he got home from work, and Tony just loved it so much he said we had to post pictures of it on here. So we get the camera and take pictures of him on t.v. haha....he did wonderful and didn't LOOK nervous at all, even though i know he was. Way to go Shannon, i'm looking forward to seeing you and Carmon tomorrow at the block party!!! So you can HAIRSPRAY my hair...haha...ok i had to say it.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Great Weekend!!

I don't know how everyone else's weekend went...or is still going...but mine was great ! Nothing super special happened to go tell people about really, but it was great for me. My cousin Andria came down with her mom and little girl, Nila. Me and Andria grew up together, we played together as babies and now we both have babies of our own. Nila is 20 months old...ALMOST two ! I can't believe it ! And my Bella Grace is almost 7 months yeah, there's an age difference, but it's still so much fun watching them together. Well anyways,Today Me and Bella Grace met up with my mom, andria , her mom terrie, and nila at Harvey's for lunch, then we walked over to the Jazz and Blues Festival that they were having on the River walk and strolled around listening to music and looking at all the art booths they had set up, then Andria and Em' came over to my house for a bit then tonight Me , Bella Grace and my mom went over to my Aunt Mary's ( that's where andria is staying while she's visiting , my aunt is her grandmother ) ok .....still with me? so we went over there and we had a mary kay party....those are always fun, getting to do facials and put on makeup...i ended up spending more money that i wanted to but oh well....i'll buy anything just about to keep my face looking young...30 is knocking on my door it yeah, i had a great time and i really miss andria living here...she lives in atlanta's better than her living in North Carolina like she was...atleast she's not that far away now. So me , bella grace and my mom are going to tuscaloosa tomorrow to do a little shopping, i'm buying Bella Grace's halloween costume there , i'm praying they still have the one i want. I really should've gotten it when i saw it the first time...anyways, i hope all of you had a great weekend too !!

Monday, September 24, 2007

One Year Older

Well here it is, September 24th, and i am one year older. I feel my age plus twenty years...sad thought. Life is great though, i have a wonderful husband, my beautiful baby girl and an amazing couldn't get sweeter. ( well i'm sure it could but i'm enjoying what i have right now ) = )
Bella Grace stayed with my parents last night...this is the first night i've been away from her. Tony and i went to see the movie Halloween last night, GREAT movie if you love scary movies, and really if you love the Halloween movies like i anyways, my parents asked if Bella Grace could stay the night over there since it would be late before we got out of the movie, and also b/c today was my birthday they said it would be nice for me to sleep in and not have anything to do this morning...well that was very nice but i miss my baby sooo much i can't wait to go get her. It was rough last night coming home and not seeing her in her bed sleeping, and all her little toys scattered around....i really don't see how a parent can leave there child for several days at a time, especially when they're little...when she gets older it might not be as hard....well i'm rambling...i'll have to post up some new photos soon....oh and the diet is going pretty good....i've lost three lbs...hey it's a start !!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Well, i started my official diet yesterday ( monday ) i got up early before i had class, and me and Bella Grace went walking around my neighborhood and i ate healthy all day...i was proud of myself. i had a KILLER headache and was irriatable due to food deprivation, but whatever it takes. Bella Grace is now six months old...i can't believe six months have come and gone so fast. She's sitting up all by herself now and she's trying so hard to start crawling, just rocking back and forth on her's adorable...she's learned how to pitch a good fit when she doesn't get her way , ALREADY?!?!..i mean geez, i didn't expect that for atleast a few more months, she's too little to get popped so i just give her my " mad mommy " look and tell her as calm as i can, " no ma'am we don't act this way and you're about to get put in your bed by yourself if you don't quit it " and of course, she looks at me like i'm an idiot and continues on with her fit.....hey , it doesn't hurt to try. She is my sweetheart though, always smiling at people and she doesn't meet a stranger. I can't wait to have another !!!